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Forever Fit has many options when it comes to pricing, from Intro Offers to 12-month Membership comittments.  We recommend you start with one of our NEW Client Intro Offers, so we can see how you move and you can see if Forever Fit is a good "FIT."  After your Intro Offer, we will chat about what option makes the most sense for you.    Classes can range from $15-$45 and Privates Sessions from $80-$110 depending on your frequency and committment level.  Our goal is to keep you moving consistently so you achieve the results you desire.

New to Forever Fit?
It is important that new clients start with a base that will set themselves up for success in a safe and personalized way.  Every individual will embody their own movement experience guiding them on a path to better overall wellness and body awareness.  We want you to grow to love moving your body, and reap the benefits feeling the positive changes along the way. 

Check out our INTRO OFFERS below...
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