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What are Virtual Fitness Classes?

We are currently in what we hope is the middle, and not still the beginning, stages of a pandemic. As a result, many businesses had to close for an extended period of time. Some were never able to reopen. We had to get creative while under quarantine and find ways to continue to do the things we love while staying at home. Some of those things include physical fitness. This gave birth to virtual fitness classes. We have known fitness videos, on video tape, on DVDs, and streaming for some time already. We had already seen some low scale versions of virtual fitness classes with bikes and treadmills that created guided classes on a screen on the equipment. Something new and innovative was required to get us through the tough days ahead. Even once areas began to open up a little, many people were not comfortable leaving their homes, and certainly not to go to a gym. Some gyms were not even allowed to reopen. We began to see gyms uploading videos on their websites. They were using social media to stream videos. We even saw them use Zoom to lead fitness classes online. This became a great way to reach a larger audience while staying safely at home.

When you no longer wish to stay home, you can begin to look for more options such as wellness classes near me and TRX training near me. TRX training near me uses straps that are heavy duty and adjustable. These straps allow you to participate in suspension training that uses your own body weight and gravity to exercise. Any exercise that you can do can also be done with TRX straps. You can make planks, presses, crunches, and push ups way more challenging. You can modify any movement to fit your skill and strength level simply by adjusting the position of your body. This is a low impact type of exercise that targets your arms, core, legs, glutes, and back.

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