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Happy New Year!

Happy 2021! It's time to turn a new page and focus a little time inward. Last year brought so many different challanges and emotions. Take a moment to pause. Reflect on the good. Reflect on the not-so-good. Just take the time.

Resolutions are sometimes good for a "restart" or a little push in a more healthy direction. Do most people stick to them... Probably not, but at least they are reflecting and defining what they want. What do you want? What are you ready to change?

My advice is to take small steps towards bigger goals. Let's take weightloss for example. What can you do to get closer and closer to that weight goal? Let's explore...

1) Increase your water intake. Flush your system!

2) Take more steps.

3) Allow your body time to digest (think intermittent fasting.) If you usually eat for a 14 hour spand throughout the day, try to cut that down to 12.

4) Find exercise that makes you happy and keeps you interested.

5) Get outdoors!

6) Meditate or find more "me" time

7) Find a buddy for accountability.

8) Be aware of your portions. Try measuring your food. (It was a sad day the first time I actually put peanut butter on a food scale...Ahh!)

9) If you are about to embark on a fad diet or go from 0 to 100 at the gym... Ask yourself... Is this maintainable.

10) Love your self and celebrate all accomplishments.

Happy 2021 to you!

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