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Yesterday was Day 1 of a new challenge. A 21-day pathway to food freedom, better energy and gut health. Truth is that I haven't felt like myself in years, which is so ironic given my profession. I love to move. I love to inspire others to move. But...movement is a sliver of the health picture, and it's time I put more emphasis on nutrition, self love and care.

I feel like I can barely eat anything these days, and I gravitate to sugar. I love chocolate. I love red wine. I love to have take out pizza with my family on the weekend. I also love to eat "healthy" most of the time and fuel my body for my workouts. Well... this combo is not working. I've continue to gain weight at a steady pace over the last 6 or so years, leaving me feeling helpless, anxious and self-conscious. I want to feel better. I want to figure out why this is happening, unlock my own body secrets and in turn help others to feel the same.

So here I go... This is my daily plan starting with day 1...

Day 1: 2/8/2021

6:00am: 8oz of water and black coffee w/cinnamon

*I typically drink my coffee with almond creamer*

7:30am: 35 minutes of running intervals on the treadmill and 10 min stretch (too icy outside)

*20 oz of water with Amino Acids

9:00am: Spa Day Smoothie

*20 oz of green tea

1:00pm: Tuna salad with roasted walnut (yum!)

*20 oz water w/orange spice tea bag

3:00pm: Apple w/2 TBSP of almond butter

5:30pm: Shrimp Scampi w/Zoodles

*20 oz of water with Calm and CBD oil (great combo for sleep!)

7:30pm: Camomile tea

8:00pm: Face mask

Notes: I felt a little hungry, but could definitely drink 20-40 more oz of water. I was less focused on food, and more clear-headed. No stomach discomfort.

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