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What to Expect From a Pilates Studio Near Me

When you are looking for a Pilates studio near me, you should know a little bit about Pilates. This way you are able to know what to expect from a studio near me. It may feel scary to go to a new exercise class, no matter what that type of exercise is. Do not let the unknown about a Pilates instructor near me stop you from trying out something new, especially something that can be beneficial to you. A Pilates studio near me can help you improve your core, create better posture, and align your body. It can also help you improve your balance and flexibility.

Pilates is a low impact type of exercise that strengthens muscles while targeting your core. This type of exercise works every muscle group in your body. It does not focus on only one part of the body at a time. When you find a Pilates studio near me, you may or may not find equipment as part of the exercise routine. At a studio near me, you can expect to engage in movements that are precise and learn how to control your breathing. A typical workout will be from 45 minutes to 1 hour. A Pilates instructor near me may walk you through 1 of 2 times of classes. It may be a reformer class or a mat class.

If it is a mat class, it is a thicker mat than you would use in yoga. The intention of this mat is to provide a cushion for your pressure points. In the reformer class, you add a machine called a reformer, which has a platform that slides. The machine has a foot bar that does not move and pulleys and springs that help to add resistance to your workout. Regardless of which class you choose, they both teach you to focus on form and controlling your movements instead of racking up a high number of reps or working out until your muscles reach exhaustion. During this workout, your muscles are working against gravity or the resistance from the machine to isolate and strengthen your muscles. Even though there is a lot of focus on your core, Pilates works all of your muscles including the back, inner thighs, outer thighs, and hips.

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